Snapshot: Frosty Bison at Old Faithful

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…(la la la)…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”  What’s Christmas without snow? Here’s hoping we get some of that white stuff by next week!

I photographed this guy in Yellowstone National Park last Feb. Taking the boardwalk around Upper Geyser Basin where Old Faithful and many more geysers and colorful springs exist, I found this bison at Castle Geyser, which was steaming from a recent eruption. That’s why he’s there–trying to warm up on that chilly morning when temps dipped down to minus 30 degrees. Brrrrrr.


  • James Bern - Stunning photo, love the position of the bison and the greyness of the clouds. Very nice!

  • Brad Christensen - These are some great pics! I live 90 minutes from Yellowstone and I’ve never been there in the winter. You’ve inspired me.

    You should enter a photo in our travel photo contest.


  • admin - Ohhh, I’m so jealous! Just 90 minutes away from Yellowstone…you are very lucky. There is sooo much to see and do out there. And you’ve simply got to go in the winter. It’s my favorite time of year to be there…

  • Persib - Gorgeous photos! we love the North Rim it is so wodnrefully peaceful and quiet there. You can sit on the rim of the canyon and not hear a single man-made sound just wind and birds. We took our sons there years ago, and my then-8-year old sat on the edge of the canyon along a hiking trail and whispered, I want to stay here forever. Sue

  • admin - Thanks, Sue. Yes, it is a special place…how cool of you to share it with your boys.

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