Cultural Focus: Viking at Icelandic Falls

Just back from a really great tour in Iceland.  I think we were all surprised at what an amazing country it is, full of ever-changing landscapes, beautiful skies, amazing geology, intriguing folklore and the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.  Iceland excelled in every way.

We’ll have several posts about Iceland, but I wanted to post a shot from our last day.  Kim arranged Arni to pose for us in full Viking regalia.  Our guide “Hawk” as we affectionately called him, suggested that we photograph Arni before this waterfall in historic Pingvellir, where Vikings met yearly to discuss laws and battle out their differences.  We learned that this waterfall would not exist were it not for the Vikings redirecting water more than 1,000 years ago.

So with this setting we set up some speedlights and cranked out some shots of Arni with his battle face on.  He happily endured our requests for different battlements and expressions.  Wearing authentic clothing and weilding authentic weaponry he gave us everything we could’ve asked for.  Thanks Arni! and Hawk too for the suggestion of location.

Viking Arni at Icelandic Falls

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