What to do when temps dip below freezing? Ice Skating…? You betcha.

It’s all over the news, Facebook, and twitter…people sharing funny, strange and incredulous anecdotes about how the cold weather is affecting them. Record lows have been dropping below zero all over the country, as far south as Florida. No doubt most not accustomed to the chilly air are hiding inside. But what about those who live up north? What do they do?

Well, at least some still enjoy activities outside. We were back in my home state, Minnesota, over the holidays. Our chilliest day was the 2nd when the temp was -15 F in Minneapolis. But it didn’t stop locals at the Landmark Center who laced up their skates in the warming hut and hit the outdoor rink in St. Paul’s Rice Park. Later that afternoon, I watched my daughter attempt to drink from a water bottle that literally froze in her hands.

The day before, on New Year’s Day, it dropped from 2 degrees at noon to minus -8 F. And my niece went ice skating.


Here she is walking in her skates to a frozen pond near her home  (there’s no bench or anywhere to sit at the pond to lace your skates).  And since it wasn’t a hockey rink or a commercial place to skate, her father had shoveled off the snow for her that morning.

In case you’re wondering…lake or pond ice should be a minimum of 4 inches thick to ensure you won’t fall in! (Snowmobiles require 5 inches, cars 8-12 inches.) It was plenty thick, thus “safe,” but I cringed when it cracked as we walked across it…

Yes, it was cold… but Jenny, in her new Christmas skates, was still smiling… 🙂






  • Foto clipping - So nice and graceful…..the beautiful natural view is captured very nicely……a brilliant combination like all in all…

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