Snapshot: Iceberg Lagoon

No doubt we will be featuring more images from an amazing lagoon of Icelandic icebergs.  This lagoon formed in 1930 as pieces from the glacier calved off and melted.  Since then, a 750′ deep lagoon has formed and is now linked to the sea.  Salt water from the sea has infiltrated the lagoon and accelerates the melting just as salt on an icy sidewalk melts ice.

It’s difficult to describe the beauty of these icebergs in the surrounding soft light.  Some of us were lucky enough to be standing on shore near a berg which flipped right before our eyes, bringing the more polished and faceted blue underside to bear.

Here’s a snapshot which will likely be one of many from us as-well-as tour participants.

Icelandic Iceberg in Lagoon

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