There’s something truly scary about hiking in a dense rainforest where there could be bears. Juneau’s Auk Nu trail was described in guidebooks as an easy 3.4 mile trek to John Muir’s cabin that was “heavily used.” So my sister and I figured we’d likely be sharing the trail with many people–locals and tourists alike–either […]

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My sister and I joined a small group on an overnight trekking adventure on Lemon Glacier, in southeastern Alaska in early August. The tour was organized through ABAK and was lead by two fantastic guides, Samuel and Jacob. This is part two (in case you missed the first one you can read it here.) We […]

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  • David Miller - Kim,
    Your words and photos are fantastic. I can only dream of making a trip like yours. We will be on a cruise in May, but my old body is not made for climbing, jumping, or slipping or sliding.

    Thanks for posting.

    Dave Miller

  • admin - I think you might be surprised…you don’t have to climb and jump. As long as you can hike over uneven terrain, the guides are there to help. Will you be cruising through Juneau? ABAK and other companies offer day trips by helicopter up to Mendenhall glacier. If it’s your dream, do it!!!

  • Pat Warneke - Kim, these pictures are so amazing and so beautiful. They take me right back. The real beauty of them is that I can see the broader picture this time without worrying about sticking my crampons into the ice securely. I would love to purchase the one of John , myself and Jacob heading back to basecamp while the rest of you went with Sam for the ice climb! Let me know how to do that please!

  • admin - Hi Pat, Yes I agree—it is nice to step back and see the trip as a whole and really appreciate the beauty of where we were and the power of those intriguing moulins! What a fantastic experience it was, and such fun company 🙂 (sending you a private message about purchasing a print)

I traveled to Juneau specifically for this trip. The opportunity to spend extended time trekking across an icy glacier with dramatic crevasses and ice caves has intrigued me for many years–ever since Dave and I spent an afternoon hiking icy Fox Glacier in New Zealand. There are many tour companies that offer overnight glacier trips, […]

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