Mystery Photo: Where in the World?

This temple, constructed during the 1181-1219 reign of a legendary king, contains 54 gothic towers with 216 giant smiling faces. Said to resemble the face of the king, it was believed that his all-seeing eyes kept watch over the 54 provinces of his empire. Extraordinary bas relief -carvings cover the 1st and 2nd levels whereas the towers adorned with those haunting smiling faces are up in the circular 3rd level. It’s a great place to explore…Where in the world is it?

  • Robert van koesveld - Ankor complex near SeimRiep Cambodia
    Temple is probably Bayon from in the little shrine looking at one og the four headed sculptures

    Everybody needs to see this in their life!

    Are you guys going there?

    Best wishes


  • admin - Robert, Yes it is Bayon temple at Angkor Thom. We went there after Bhutan in November. And I agree–somewhere everyone needs to see in their lifetime! But hurry–yellow tape is quickly closing off entrances and prohibiting people from wandering through many of the niches of this incredible site. One guy on our tour couldn’t believe how it had changed in the year since he last visited. For example, the famous entrance with the tangled roots around the doorway that appeared on the cover of National Geographic not so long ago is now roped off with yellow tape and competely off limits.

  • villas in ibiza - I do not know exactly where this mystery photo is located…But i have a bit idea about it….from my point of view it is located in Angkor Wat,Cambodia…

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