Mystery photo: Where in the World?

Did you grow up in the 60’s? If so, you’ll certainly recognize scenes from a familiar childhood cartoon as you walk around this park…

mystery photo

Maybe the yellow creature isn’t immediately recognizable.

But look beyond— to the character standing in front of her little concrete house on this barren landscape. Know who she is? Go ahead. Step inside her home.

Can’t find anything to watch on TV? Well, back in the Stone Age there wasn’t much on.

mystery photo

And music–if you called it that– had a distinctive screeeeching sound.

mystery photoAnd if you wanted a new hairdo–well, expect bones instead of barrettes.

There’s also a schoolroom, police station, post office, character homes and jail that you can peek inside. And of course a giant brontosaurus dinosaur. Remember who slid down its tail everyday at quitting time?

mystery photo


Stopping here was a blast from the past. I remember visiting as a kid on a family vacation. But even our teenage daughter, who was clueless about the cartoon, found the silliness fun for her Instagram pics.

This park is located a short 30 minute distance from an iconic landmark and national park in a windswept desert. What is the park? And where in the world is it?

  • Gene Carter - It’s Bedrock City in Williams, AZ.

  • admin - Absolutely! Have you been there? What’d ya think?

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