Mystery photo: Where in the world?

This roofless church has stood unfinished since 1560. In the back  is a cool 2 story cloister with faded 16th century murals–(where I had intended to photograph this beautiful girl but the officials kicked us out even though my guide had secured the necessary permits…). Just beyond, to the right, a small church fits into a stoney niche where mass and weddings are held. It also contains the tomb of the last Zapotec king of Zaachila’s daughter. And one more historical tidbit…a Mexican independence hero was executed here in 1831. Where in the world is it? What’s your guess???

  • yuliang photography - very nice, is this in goa ?

  • admin - No, not Goa…

  • Kris Koeller - I would guess ether Puebla or Cholula.

  • admin - Nope…any other guesses??

  • domnic - I think this is somewhere in Mexico

  • admin - Yes, Mexico…it is in Oaxaca!

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