Mystery photo: Where in the World?

I’m the great and mighty oz… this fierce face seems to say. High atop one of the most important monuments on this UNESCO World Heritage site, the mouth in the hook-nosed Mayan rain god, Chaac, leads to an inner sanctuary temple. Visitors are no longer allowed to climb the worn steps of this 131 foot pyramid, or access the mysterious temple.  According to legend, this temple pyramid was built by a powerful dwarf magician, who was hatched from an egg by his mother…It’s a fascinating place to spend a day, wandering around these Pre-Columbian ruins. Where in the world is it? What’s your guess?

  • Michael McLean - Pyramid of the Magician,Uxmal Mexico. 🙂

  • admin - Yep! That’s the one… don’t you love the Yucatan?

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